Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Sunday: Revenge Is Sweet

It's the first outing of 2011 for the Cinema des Femmes collective's monthly events, and this time it's all about pinky violence.

It's a genre that's new to me, but one of our number is quite keen and the trailers certainly look entertaining: sword fights, punch-ups and plenty of flesh on show. Ah, yes, it's one of those 1970s sexploitation cult genres that divides opinion. Seeing as we are coming from a feminist POV, we are looking at the upside: powerful women standing up for themselves and not taking any BS. Naturally, there are dissenting opinions on this. I had a look online to find a feminist analysis of PV, but couldn't find anything, alas. (edit: ask and ye shall receive. )

The two films we are showing are Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion + Sex and Fury.

So, prison drama and pick-pocketing!

The CdF gals are going to dress up as a biker gang and are busy coordinating our outfits. Looking forward to it. It's this Sunday at the Horatia in London. Full deets.

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