Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Creative Visualisation

Have just had a marvellously entertaining Skype chat with Shunda K, some of which will go out on my show next week.

What stayed with me (aside from her amusing habit of calling me "Ms. Val"--perhaps I should insist on this honorific in my daily life) was the extraordinary story of how she met her wife. I won't give all of it away, aside from saying that she turned to God and promised to remain celibate for two months. I can't promise this works for everyone.

Indeed, I hadn't given a moment's thought to finding a wife, but, given that it's a new year and I have made no resolutions, I may conduct an experiment, in the interests of science, you understand.

I well remember my older sister being given a copy of The Joy of Cooking on her 21st birthday and exclaiming: "Now I don't have to get married!"

Perhaps I should visualise The Joy of Cooking.
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