Sunday, April 11, 2010

Queer Control Records compilation

Isn't that just the way? You wait ages for a free compilation and then two come along at once. Operation Download: Mixin' It Up is Queer Control Records' new free download. I've just given it a listen and it is a refreshingly varied compilation of music from LGBTIQQ artistes.

Yes, that's two Qs, which answers the question I posed recently about the ever-growing acronym list for the not-straight community. The second Q (surely Q² would be snappier) stands for "questioning". So, now I know. Anyway, the music ranges from hardcore thrash to dance to indie rock to folk, with many acts I shall be looking up, friending and playing on my radio show, among them The Degenerettes (featured in Riot Acts), Miss the Occupier and Harlequin Baby.

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