Saturday, December 31, 2022

End of 2022 Thoughts

I usually find myself in a reflective mood toward the end of any year. I recount highlights and favourite books or films. This year, though, I really could not think of any cultural products that stood out. Partly that is because I am still not going out, but also because what I did read, listen to or watch did not seem especially note-worthy. 

However, I did find some wonderful moments to recount for my end of year thoughts. I have already blogged about the astonishing late acclaim for "Running Up That Hill", which remains one of the highlights of 2022 for me. 

To this I will add the colossal win of England's Lionesses to take home the Euros trophy. I was cheering as loudly as I could. I am so, so pleased that this has led to a real breakthrough for women's sport in the UK, with opportunities opening up not just for more participation in sport but also commercial opportunities for the players, everything from appearing on soaps to receiving awards. It is long overdue. 

The Euros campaign is recounted in this online documentary.

I also very much enjoyed the odd Twitter storm, such as when Lizzo played Pres James Madison's crystal flute. This appealed to me on so many levels, being a former flute nerd as a kid. Nobody liked this instrument! It was played by turtleneck-wearing men! Now it's played by amazing all round performers and nothing is more bling than a crystal flute. Kudos to the Library of Congress for inviting Lizzo in to try it out, horrifying gammon everywhere.

And my final moment also loomed large on the Twittersphere recently, when Greta Thunberg took out a misogynist with some well placed words. Delightful!

I wish all a calm, peaceful, inspiring 2023. 

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