Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Ahead of International Women's Day on Friday, Female:Pressure has been in touch with the results of its research into gender representation at music festivals. A group of women electronic music producers and performers, Female:Pressure is concerned at the lack of opportunities for female talent to be heard.

To quote their statement:

"The members of the female:pressure network operate within a seemingly progressive electronic music scene and its subcultures. However, when compared with other artistic domains such as literature, we find that women are notoriously under-represented in the realms of contemporary music production and performance. The female:pressure group would therefore like to invite you to take a look at the facts and make the mechanisms of this specific market more transparent. We have looked into statistics regarding festival line-ups, record label releases and the appearance of women in several top 100 lists. The results are shocking and disheartening, even for us deeply involved in the scene. Most festivals – whether financed through public funds or not – clearly do not place any value on ensuring an appropriate ratio of female artists, or diversity in general."

You can find out more info at the addresses below. The statement concludes:

"Let's be frank – enough is enough. female.pressure believes there is no justification for more male-dominated music events. We need – and paying audiences deserve – invigorating and entertaining diversity!"

female:pressure worldwide

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