Friday, November 12, 2010

Ladyfest Ten this weekend in London

Ladyfest Ten flyer with pumpkin; photo by Val PhoenixSo, it's finally, finally here. I have been immersed over the last couple of months in the film group for Ladyfest Ten, which is on this weekend in London.

Things I have experienced in the organisation of Ladyfest Ten:
  • unravelled the mysteries of the Ning
  • created spreadsheets
  • uploaded Google Docs
  • applied zombie make-up
  • baked chocolate cakes
  • accosted a filmmaker at the London Film Festival
  • encouraged a colleague to accost a musician at a club
  • got locked in a house
  • scoured my archive for film, photos and audio
  • discussed codecs, at length

Ah, the magic of Ladyfest.

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