Sunday, July 04, 2010

The joys of live webcasting....

Just spent a few frustrating minutes at Sofia Talvik's webcast, having logged in an hour early as the message on her site said it would be "Live at 8pm", without specifying a time zone. As it's in Sweden, I guessed two hours ahead of BST, but was wrong.

Then, having picked up the gig a few minutes late (as I wandered elsewhere on the web), I found an over-exposed, slightly wonky camera position, a few dropouts and, after two melodious, acoustic songs.... Nothing. The feed went dead. Oh, well. That's live. Ba-dum-bum.

Ah, but it's back now. And she's speaking Swedish. No subtitles, unfortunately. But something about "acoustic Florida" (her record). Despite that sunny title, the songs are quite wintry in feel, albeit delivered in summery, al fresco fashion--acoustic guitar in hand, before an audience that seems to be chatting away, rather obliviously.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Sorry for not specifying time one on my website. It was specified on facebook but I'll be more specific for the coming shows. I know my technicin had some problems getting the stream out because we were outside, but I hope you enjoyed the set anyway and we will be live 8pm Swedish time every night this week from different locations.
cheers Sofia

Val Phoenix, scribe said...

Well, there's a result! Cheers. Will try again. That's CEST, BTW.