Sunday, June 28, 2009


I've quite enjoyed the Glastonbury coverage on BBC 6Music this weekend, not least when I was contentedly baking a lovely moist chocolate cake while hailstones were smacking against my kitchen window.

6Music has really gone to town this year, with wall-to-wall coverage. Not sure why it's so prevalent this year, but even 5Live's gotten into the act, with a series of links to Worthy Farm interrupting its Wimbledon coverage. Very odd to hear sports reporters attempting to do live two-ways with music journalists, with amusing results.
The Green Fields

But, what was going on with Gabby Logan this morning? I can only think her show was re-routed to Glastonbury because it was Wimbledon's day off. Her interview with Dizzee Rascal was truly embarrassing, with her pressing him on how "young people" feel about politics and him batting away the questions with irritation. "I'd rather chew glass" was his reply to her enquiry as to how he was finding the interview. Stick to News vs Sport, Gabby!

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