Friday, May 15, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Rock Camp

Following on from the plethora of Girls Rock Camps in the USA in the last few years is the first German edition, Ruby Tuesday Rock Camp, to be held in Cottbus in eastern Germany in August.

Registration is now open until 30 May for girls aged 12-16 who would like to try out instruments, learn to scream and enjoy the company of other girls from their peer group.

I know when I was that age, I never had a chance to touch an electronic instrument or make noise. As I recall, when I expressed an interest as an 11-year-old in learning trumpet or trombone, I was told by the music teacher that those instruments were "too hard" for girls to learn and I should stick with the more gentle flute and clarinet. I never did pick up a brass instrument and I was 29 before I tried bass or keyboards.

I attended two Ruby Tuesday events when I was in Berlin, including a gig which is featured in this promo film.

Organiser Jule discussed with me the importance of girls getting a chance to play in bands, as the 12 to 16 age group is just the time when self esteem drops, body issues come to the fore and girls' development seems to shrink. She only started playing drums at 28 and doesn't see why girls should wait until that ripe old age (ahem). "I want them to know they are strong and there is a world waiting for them."

Of course, if any bands come from it, that would be great, but the main message is for girls to express themselves in a supportive environment.

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