Wednesday, April 01, 2009

LLGFF: Society + The New World

Still from The New World
The New World dir Etienne Dhaene
Society dir Vincent Moloi

Stop the baby madness! In French comedy The New World, Lucie and Marion decide their domestic bliss can only be completed with the addition of a sprog. Hence, their search for the perfect donor, with castings, a phone-round by their female friends and the eventual choice of Marion's pal Hugo, conveniently based on the other side of the world and so unlikely to interfere. Or so they think.... Well-acted, written and directed, the film also has a serious point in that non-straights in France can neither adopt nor use alternative insemination and so usually end up going to Belgium to conceive.

is an entirely gloomier, yet equally sparkling, affair, as a group of black women in South Africa is reunited by the death of a former school friend. Will the closeted teacher come out to her pals? How will the reluctant mother cope with a child? And will the two former rivals ever get along? With equal parts drama and knockabout comedy and entirely focused on female relationships, it's what Sex and the City should have been.

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