Friday, September 26, 2008

Xposure Live: Those Dancing Days

Those Dancing Days at the Barfly Camden; photo by Val PhoenixBarfly Camden
25 September 2008

As the singer of Those Dancing Days, arriving last, clambered onstage, she pushed the guitarist out of the way before striding to the centre of the stage and striking a pose, fluffing her mop of hair.

Most off-putting, it rather set the tone for the gig. Much as I've enjoyed the clutch of singles I have heard by TDD, this performance was underwhelming.

The drummer, at least, was top-notch, her sticks creating a blur of action and some very impressive tribal rhythms which haven't been apparent on the records. But, aside from the singles, the songs were not very memorable.

Given that this Swedish band numbers five, one would expect a bit more charisma and engagement. But, aside from the whirling dervish keyboard player, there was precious little to enjoy.

Interestingly, the bassist, stuck behind the singer, kept giving her bandmate baleful looks. Working out the intra-band dynamic proved a diversion from the performance, which was not helped by THE WORST SOUND MIX heard since.... the last gig I attended at the Barfly. Sort it out.

But do check out the gig highlights next week on Xfm. They will probably sound ace.

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