Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ladyfest London

After three sun-drenched days of women's art and culture, it's back to the grindstone.

Much of my time at Ladyfest was spent in the cafe invigilating the music video exhibit, and so I cannot do a report, as such.

But I was privy to many illuminating conversations, interactions and pronouncements, of which my favourite were:

"Can I be an eco-feminist and use your plate?"

"Spuds are a tuber for every season."

"It is a bit like building a house with your teeth."

"Identity politics have gone out with the '90s."

"It's Edward Scissorhands meets Cousin It meets Diamanda Galas."

"It's like the city is buying the revolution."

"They can infiltrate the psyches of non-Ladyfesters."

"It was really groovy."

Thankfully, others were more mobile than I. Vertical Blue has a good overview of the festival. The F Word also has some good things to say.

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Rachel said...

Hey, thanks for the nice comment and the link. I really enjoyed Fear of a Female Planet!